New Changes in Life

I’m liberating myself from my home. Yes, it’s been a great run of 7 years but it’s time for something new. I need to sell up and I think that although this is probably not the best time to sell, it is the best time to actually move. I started with my driveway at my home in Essex – click the link to have a look at the site of the guys who did it. Continue reading

Apparitions of the Future In Film (Part 4)

Going back and looking at the pioneers of the cinematic science fiction, what is regarded as the ‘Golden Age’, one can see how inspirational these films and this material was in pushing forward new ideas and the genre in general. The golden age of Sci-fi generally covers the period between 1920 and the late 1950’s (The 1950’s being the most prominent decade, with films like ‘Invasion Of The Body Snatchers’, 1956, directed by Don Siegel). Continue reading


Alternate history stories illustrate, as the subgenre name also clearly suggests, a familiar environment but one in which a quirk of circumstance leads to a far different world than the one in which we live, have lived or will live in the future. This readily involves the audience, requiring less of a leap of the imagination than pure sci-fi, and allowing the makers to address real issues from an unusual stand-point. These films often also present a dystopian vision of the future, but one brought about by subtle changes to the real world rather than a pure flight of fancy on the part of the film-makers/writers. Continue reading

Eye Hear Zen

And I also decided to post my weird short stories – this is the first post and watch out for more!

Eye Hear Zen


It was to be called Eye Hear Zen and it was to change the world as we knew it. Ears for the deaf and eyes for the blind.

As she thought about the endless possibilities of how this could help the world, her metallic green land rover was unexpectedly met head-on by a metallic red tractor.

Eye Hear Zen remained an idea and the world remained unchanged. Continue reading

Synopsis for My New Film

So I didn’t want to post this on facebook. I think anyone who really wants to know me and enjoys what I have to say will come here and read this:


Anthony, by being profoundly deaf, has his senses limited to only four. He develops perceptive/intuitive qualities. Despite being unable to audibly hear words spoken by other human beings, he is able to ‘feel’ their thoughts/awareness’s/experiences. A form of telepathy is developing. Continue reading

By The Way

Oh, I’m really loving having a blog now!

I just wanted to share with you my bosses new home jacuzzi! Have a look:


He said one day, if I work hard enough, he’ll give me one! Hmmm…. let’s see how that pans out!

New and Better Holiday Plans!

So I think I spoke with some of my friends about the possibility of going away this year? Yes! This is going to happen now! I’m off to Athens, Greece in mid-August for a week! Isn’t that fab?! Maybe I’ll meet a nice special person there! We’ll see…

Here’s a gorgeous pic to make you a little jealous…



Those of you who know me just knew that this post would be coming! How can you not?! OK so below I’ve added some images of the food that I plan to try my hand at making next: Take a look 🙂


This is a shot of a bran and sea kelp (yes, you read that correctly and no, I have not gone totally and utterly mental!), muffin! Yay! They taste a LOT better than you might think – I promise!!  Next up, please click the read more button…. Continue reading